Venice Beach Swimsuit from Albion Fit

Last week I was asked to wear a swimsuit for Albion Fit on the Fresh Living segment of KUTVs news program. I was a little nervous at first because who wants to stand around in a swimsuit…especially on tv…but it really wasn’t bad and it was pretty fun. Plus I LOVE Albion so I was happy to do it! They make the best quality swimwear, so if you are looking for a swimsuit for the summer you definitely need to visit their site. They have extremely flattering and modest swimwear in the cutest styles and patterns! I love the material they use as well, because it’s thick so it’s not going to show all of your flaws and it won’t wear out after one season.

This is the Venice Suit and it is one of their more popular styles! The underwire flatters those of us who are less fortunate in the bust area 🙂 and the paneled sides give a flattering illusion of a whittled waist. Who doesn’t want that?
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Both swimsuits from Albion Fit. On me – Venice Beach; On Jen – Wait Until Dark

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  1. You’re so teeny!!! Seriously. Gimme your legs girl!
    Love the pics – you two look so cute and it looks like you had so much fun 🙂


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