Weekend at the Farm

A few weekends ago at the farm…

Just making some homemade Broccoli Cheese Soup…so yummy!

One of my goals for this year and for the new year is to learn how to cook more new things…so I’ve already started 🙂

The next day we took a drive to the hot pots nearby…despite all of my protesting about it being stinky and cold outside, they really weren’t that bad. They were way cleaner than other ones that I’ve been too and not that stinky. But it was freezing outside, so I had to change super fast and RUN to the heater in the car. 🙂

All weekend, the sky was sooo pretty.

Hanging out at the farm.

Don’t mind my half dried hair…but this little farm kitty is the cutest thing ever. He is the biggest puff ball and he comes right up to you and wants to play. Most of them are kind of shy and run away.

This night, we made scallops, filet mignon, rolls, and lemon meringue pie 🙂 So yummy again. I LOVE scallops.

Finished product.

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