Weekend With My Family

My mom flew up last weekend to help my find a place to live and because I’ve been really stressed out about some things going on lately, but my dad and little brother, Taylor, flew up on Wednesday night to come hang out too. They had been planning the trip for a little while for Taylor’s spring break so they could come ski and etc, but then they got roped into helping me move.
I will do a post about moving later, but long story short…Friday (a.k.a. moving day) came and my dad ended up in the ER. He had been having trouble with a kidney stone for a little bit, but while he was skiiing the day before it just got terrible. He went to the hospital on Friday morning and the pain was so bad that it was making his blood pressure so high that he could have stroked out. Anyway, my uncle works at the hospital so he was able to get my Dad into surgery that day, because he needed to be able to fly home, and we didn’t know how long it would be before it would pass. I was able to get moved and my Dad was able to come home Friday night.
On Saturday we went snowmobiling, which was super fun and I will do a post about that later too. Then my mom and I went shopping for my birthday (mostly for things for my new apartment) in the afternoon.
Later that night we met up with a bunch of my cousins, aunts, and uncles for dinner. We just went to Hires Big H (best burgers ever) so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting a reservation somewhere. It’s so fun to get together with your whole family and hear what everyone is doing.

My Family, minus Adam.

We went over to my Aunt Suzie’s to hang out after. She has the funniest dog ever, but she is so sweet. I seriously want a dog, but I am not home enough.

Just at church on Sunday morning with my family.

I’m said my family is leaving tomorrow! I don’t see them enough!

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