What I Wore: Hearts on a Skirt and a Fun Braid

I think this is my favorite way to do my hair lately. The braid keeps all of my hair off the front of my hair in a functional, but cute way, and the messy bun keeps things casual so I can wear it anywhere…to the pool, out with friends, or even the office.

I like this outfit because it’s also casual and cute, but it’s dressy enough that I could wear it to church or an office if I have to dress up for the day (my office is pretty casual so I don’t really have to dress up there though).

What I Wore:

Shirt – Urban Outfitters Tee; Skirt – J.Crew; Shoes – Sam Edelman; Earrings – Forever 21; Watch – Timex

I almost think the earrings are my favorite part! They are total Forever 21 cheapies, but they’re clip-ons! And they remind me of some sort of grandma antiques or something. I wish they were real! I still love them anyway.

Super short tutorial! 

Start braid on one side of your head (next to your ear), and go across the front part of your hair in a french braid and pin on one side, if you want. I just pull it back into the pony. Then gather hair into a messy braid and you’re done! Message me on the facebook page or twitter if you have any questions!

XO, Kristin!

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