Where We Belong

I usually really love Emily Giffin books, and while it was still a quick, fun read, I didn’t love this one.

Marion has the perfect life as a television producer in New York City, but when Kirby, the daughter  she gave up for adoption 18 years earlier, shows up on her door things start to change. Marion kept her daughter a secret from everyone so she is forced to confront a lot of things from her past and now her present because of her secrets.

The book is from Marion and Kirby’s point of views, so at least it is interesting to see how it affects both of them. ¬†However I didn’t feel The storylines were fully developed. Marion was kind of predictable and flat. Kirby was more interesting at least, but I still felt like the story just ended.

Like I said I usually love Emily Giffin so I hope she redeems herself with the next book, but if you’re looking for something easy and light for an airplane or beach maybe read this. It’s just not thought provoking.

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