As part of my New Years Resolutions, I’m trying to work out regularly, but I’m also trying to focus on what I really want. I’ve always loved yoga, but recently I’ve found that it really helps me relax and let go of everything that stresses me out during that day. It might sound stupid, but I almost feel like its one of the only times that I literally have no thoughts in my head. Sometimes that is exactly what I need at the end of my day. It helps me realign my thoughts and be able to go home and focus on things that I need to get done, or work on, or people that I should spend my time with. It calms me. After a long day, calm is exactly what I need.
I highly suggest trying it to anyone that needs some relaxation. If you’re just doing it at home with a video or going to a class at a studio or a gym, I promise if you actually try and let yourself just go with it, you will thank yourself for doing it! At the same time, I feel like it does great things for my body. I always feel great after.
My goals are to get more flexible, to learn and hold more poses, and to keep an open mind so that I can continue to use it as a relaxation process, because I know I’m going to need it this year.

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