Zombie Cake Pops

This is the coolest idea ever! I had to pass this idea along.

via Daily Candy by the Cake Girls

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Zombie Cake Pops with Red Velvet Brains
Makes 30

1 box red velvet cake mix, baked and cooled
1 16 oz. tub store-bought white frosting
Skull sucker mold
Black candy coating discs
Light green candy coating discs
4 ½-inch sucker sticks
Craft knife
Yellow mini candies (such as M&M’s Minis)

Make Cake Pop Filling, Paint Candy Coating into Molds

1. Using your hands, crumble the baked cake into a bowl until it’s uniformly crumbs.

2. Mix in ½ tub of icing using a rubber spatula or spoon. Mixture should hold together when squeezed but not be too squishy. Add additional icing as necessary. Refrigerate.

3. Melt black candy coating discs in the microwave on 50 percent power, stirring frequently, until just melted (do not overheat). Use a paintbrush to paint a layer of black coating on the eyes, nose, and mouth of each skull mold. Let the coating dry and repeat the layer. Place mold in fridge.

4. Melt green candy coating in the same manner. Remove mold from fridge and paint a layer of green on the entire inside of each mold, creating a shell. Let dry and repeat to thicken.

Fill Mold, Add Sucker Stick, Seal Mold

1. Press a small amount of red velvet filling into each mold, leaving a ¼-inch gap at the top for sealing.

2. Dip one end of each sucker stick in melted coating and press firmly into a mold, adhering to the cake.

3. Use additional melted green coating to completely seal the back of each zombie pop. Freeze for 15 minutes.

Finishing Touches

1. Remove mold from freezer and release each cake pop.

2. Using a craft knife or sharp paring knife, cut out a portion of each skull, revealing the red velvet brains. Let molds defrost to room temperature.

3. Once at room temperature, attach yellow mini candies using additional melted coating. Use a paintbrush to dot each eye with black coating.

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